Monday, July 20, 2015

I'm Back

Taking some time off from work was great.  Being sick was not.  But I had to get back.  One of the nurses I'm friendly with called me.  She said that she attended the monthly Meeting for Nurses.  (It's a monthly regular event?!?)

There is a new objector to my position in an office.  It's been over a year.  Nurse Fortune was the most vocal objector.  One year later, this one pops up.  She works the evening shift.  She keeps to herself, quietly mumbling into her phone, except when given work to do, which she loudly refuses with "No, no, that is not for me," as she shakes her head and walks away.  I've worked with her and it's not easy.  It's like working by yourself, except worse, because someone who is supposed to be doing half the work sits there contently watching you do all of it.  Going to the supervisor is useless.  "This ward runs fine every evening.  The one shift you're here to fill in, and suddenly we have problems."

Her argument for getting my position, without even applying, was:  She has seniority and so the position should have been handed to her.

Has she been harboring this ridiculous notion for over a year?  Who else is secretly plotting against me?

First, the haters need to make up their minds about who has seniority.  Everyone's argument cannot be that they each have the most seniority.  Only one person has been there the longest.  I don't know who it is because I wasn't there.  Then remember that seniority was not a requirement of the job.

Second, this was not a promotion.  I am not in charge of anybody or anything.  The real desire for my position is the notion that the job entails no work.  Well, that's not true.  Work is definitely required in my position.  But this doesn't matter.  The people complaining about not getting my position are people who do no work no matter where they are.  So they can continue doing nothing as nurses on the wards, getting away with it, while scapegoats do their work and still get in trouble.  Been there, done that.

Third, why don't they go after the inexperienced, outside people who get supervisor jobs that were never advertised, whose sole qualification for the invented position is that they are related to someone in administration?  That's an issue that needs vocal objectors, yet the mob chooses to focus on me.

So I'm going back before they can give away my position.

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