Monday, July 6, 2015

Nap Time, Always

"Embrace the workplace snooze," I have read often this week.  (Maybe I see links based on what I click.)  I cringed at first.  Most of the staff at this hospital, as well as previous places of employment, fall asleep as soon as they sit down.  Maybe I'm built differently, but I can't sleep sitting upright, with people moving and talking all around me.

Finally I read through one of these sleeping articles and was relieved.  Sleeping during official break times is encouraged- not sleeping while the employee is supposed to be working.  Supposedly productivity and all kinds of positive things will flow from these nap breaks.  Well, the staff already sleeps on break and during their duty, and there is no productivity.

One night when I was working in a nursing home, one of the aides told me that she did not get her break.  I said she was sleeping in a chair.  She replied, "Yes.  I was asleep, so I missed my break.  You have to give me a new one."  I told her no.  First, this was ridiculous.  Second, the aides eat whenever they want, so she wasn't going to starve.  Third, she was going to spend the rest of the shift asleep in the chair, which is like being on break.

She went to the supervisor and I was was wrong.  "It's in their union contract," the supervisor explained.  "Denying a break is very serious."

"Sleeping on the job is grounds for being fired according to hospital policy," I countered.  Unsuccessfully.

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