Sunday, July 19, 2015

None of your Business

I had a little procedure done and took some time off.  The patients made me a big card.  One of the nurses brought it to me.  Some of them are so sweet.

Inside, one of the know-it-all orderlies wrote, "I know exactly what you are going through.  I told you not to have this procedure because it wouldn't work and I was right, so if you want to talk, I'm still here for you, even though you didn't listen to me."

The nurse pointed this paragraph out to me.  "He's something," she offered.

Actually, this orderly does not know what procedure I had done, why I did it, and the outcome, other than I'm not dead.  My doctor and I know a lot more about it than he does, and that is why his opinion was dismissed when he came running after me one day and launched into a speech of why I should "do a laser instead."  What an a-hole.  Even though I defied him, I can return to him to apologize for not doing as he commanded and seeking forgiveness?

How do some people have so much nerve?


  1. Wow, how arrogant! Didn't know you were working with the Almighty!

  2. I continue to be surprised about the arrogance of such ignorant people.