Saturday, July 25, 2015

Predicting Formal Complaints

One of the orderlies is great with the patients.  Not many staff members have this quality.  Nursing administration allocates one or two per ward to do all the work.

This particular orderly is some kind of Important Person within the labor union of the orderlies.  Yet he was unable to stop his transfer to a ward where a lazy nurse is in charge- the one who is good buddies with the worst supervisor.

She was yelling at him early in the shift (not first thing because she is at least half an hour late every day) about a list of stuff she wanted him to do with difficult patients, such as getting showers done, submitting to taking medications, and other stuff that ornery people don't feel like doing.  Stuff he would be helping the patients with anyway, without her unsolicited insight.  He yelled back, "You have a ward filled with other staff.  Why don't you ask one of them to do some work for a change?"

The nurse was perplexed for a moment.  She responded, "Because you know the patients best."

"Well, all of you could get to know the patients if you got off your freaking cell phones and got to work," he answered.

And buddy supervisor was called in for the formal write-up of insubordination.

I really hope he can accomplish something through his union because the union for the nurses will not go against these terrible nurses.

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