Wednesday, August 26, 2015

A Little Pumpkin in October

One of my first romantic interests at this job impregnated his official girlfriend.  She doesn't work with us and he keeps her details to himself.  Finding him on social media is very difficult.  His brother was easier, which lead to the girlfriend and her very open FaceBook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter accounts.  She thinks she's going to be a famous actress, hence the forged publicity.

The Dear Girlfriend is due in October.  It's a girl!  This deluded woman has boards of Louis Vuitton shoes she'll never be able to buy on his salary and boards about her dream wedding- a destination wedding on a beach- just in case he decides to marry her.

On evenings when he was with me, she would post:
"My love is working overtime to provide for our future together.  Miss you XOXO"
I did not know this at the time.

The baby registry has her name- but not his, even though the pictures show both of them shopping at Babies R Us.

This hospital loves to spread rumors, so I asked a few key people if they knew who was coordinating his baby shower because I would love to attend.

I was near him in a hallway when someone congratulated him.  His eyes widened and he stumbled for a voice.  "That's what I hear," he finally said.

Own up to it.  He's been living with her for a few years and she is very much in love with him, based on their Instagram snapshots.  Be a man and acknowledge the family of your creation.

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