Monday, August 17, 2015

Annual Performance Review

Time again for the annual performance review.

Last year's review did not go well.

For this year, my supervisor has already let me know that I will not be getting a good review or raise.  She explained, "I did not get a raise again this year because of my late time.  Being late should not have any bearing on your performance review.  This place is so unfair.  Well, you aren't getting a raise either because I didn't.  If I don't get one, you don't get one."

So life is supposed to be fair for her but not me?

"I am not late," I tried to counter.  She was having none of it.

"As I said, I think that lateness should not be a part of your review, so whether you are late or on time is not a consideration of mine," she explained, as if this explained anything.

"So why can't I have a good review and raise?" I asked.

"Because it's not fair for you to get a raise when I didn't!" she exclaimed.

Is she a spoiled child in an adult body?  This place is so dysfunctional.

What do I do?  There is no effective official appeal process.  My supervisor's supervisor is the one from last year who gave me a bad review and would be delighted to sign off on another one.

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