Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Fault of Someone

One of the specialists dropped in to consult on a few patients.  My role is personal assistant.  I mean "nurse."  Orderlies bring patients and the charts (heavy, falling apart binders with papers shoved everywhere) to the exam area.

The orderlies scold me as if they are in charge.  Not a new theme.  Their two main issues center around:

1.  "Why did you call me when the doctor is not ready.  Now I have to sit here and wait.  You should have consideration for other people."

2.  "Why did you not fix the chart?  It's a mess.  Yes, I know I brought it to you that way, but you are the nurse and it is your job to put the chart in order."

This is the only place where orderlies think that doctors should wait for them.  "The doctor has to leave to go into surgery" means nothing to them.

A temporary air of calmness blanketed the exam area when the doctor, patients, and orderlies finally vacated.  Then one of the most dense and vocal orderlies reappeared with a chart and proceeded to lecture me on how wrong I was to allow her to leave with the wrong chart.

I stood there, silent, staring at her.  She eventually fumbled her chastising words and demanded a response.

"You can read, can't you?" I said slowly with an air of anger and stared right back at her.

This perturbed her enough to leave.

What is wrong with this place?


  1. I can barely remember those days. Such nightmares when the orderlies ran the asylum. Now, the patients run it, can't say it's better- just different. Luckily most of them like me since I get them their drugs, so when the orderlies try to get mouthy the patients put them in their place. Lol.

  2. The patients notice who helps them and who doesn't. Most patients are very good with me.