Saturday, August 15, 2015

Just to let you know

Some staff were asking me about my recovery from a procedure.  Keep in mind that they have a general idea what I had done, but not specific, because it's over their heads and none of their business.  I'm not trying to sound snooty, but you can't explain anything because they already know everything and I'm wrong.  For the doctors, all I had to state was the name of the procedure and the location on my body and we were good to go.

The staff were telling me about all the people they collectively knew who had died or become paralyzed or are in a coma after having the same procedure I did.  Clearly we were not on the same page.  You cannot see me, so let me assure you that I am not vegetative, dead, or paralyzed.

Then someone threw in Pete's name.  (He's a know-it-all orderly who chastized me in my Get Well card.)  "Pete had that surgery three times and it didn't work for him.  He's worse now than before the surgery."

Isn't it weird how people ask if the surgery worked or helped?  As if cutting the body open and rearranging some organs can have no effect.

I told the crowd that I was not clear on what surgeries Peter had done, and Peter has been unable to name or even describe the surgeries.

One of the brats piped up, "Well, Peter is not a nurse like you.  Maybe a nurse would understand the surgery, but other people have a hard time."

So shut up about things you know nothing about!  I wanted to scream at them.  Instead I walked away.


  1. I am very happy you survived your procedure without complication and I wish you a very speedy recovery. I know how annoying it is to have people ask about your problem out of sheer curiosity and then feign an interest in your well being as a cover.