Wednesday, August 19, 2015

No Work Thursdays

One of the women who works in my area of the hospital is like an assistant to a few doctors.  She is loud-mouthed and foul.  People don't ask her to do anything because she yells at them and doesn't do it.  I wish I could get this style to work for me.

One of the doctors told me that he was delighted that the hospital gave him an extra shift on Thursdays.  He arrived Thursday morning and went to his office.  Later that morning, maintenance came around, wanting to fix lightbulbs, and asking if any patients were going to be in the vicinity.

I mentioned that the doctor would be seeing patients.  The loud assistant said he would not be seeing patients and demanded to know why I would say such a thing.  I said I saw him come in earlier and he told me he was now working Thursdays.

"Just because he wants an extra shift doesn't mean that I get extra work.  He ain't gonna be seeing patients on a day when I don't see patients.  You can't give me more work.  That is against the law," she screamed.

Why is it that I have to justify my existence but this person is permitted to pull this nonsense?  Doesn't anyone pay attention?  Won't someone notice that they are paying a doctor to come in but not see any patients?

At the end of the day, the doctor said good-bye as he was leaving.  "It was boring, but at least I got caught up on my phonecalls and reading," he informed me.  How is this allowed?

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