Monday, August 24, 2015

Treat everyone the same

While passing through a hallway, I saw one of the paranoid, aggressive nurses going off on one of the managerial nurses.

Both of these people have gone off on me, so it was entertaining to watch them tear each other apart.

"I heard you talking about me under your breath!" aggressive nurse screamed.  Nevermind the patients and other staff in the area.

"I was humming!" manager nurse defended herself in a sing-song voice.

"No, I head you saying bad stuff about me!" aggressive nurse continued.

"What did I say?" manager nurse asked, the sing-song gone.

"I don't know," the aggressive nurse screamed without a pause, "But I know it was bad and I know it was about me."

Now manager nurse was really annoyed.  "Then how do you know that I was talking about you if you didn't even hear me?"

They went back and forth.  Finally manager nurse declared in a self-righteous, dismissive air, "I'm not listening to any more of this," and walked away.  She addressed her next comment to the audience.  "I can't make any headway with someone who behaves like this."

She saw me and said, "Can you believe her?"

"I can because I've experienced it firsthand, but for an eight hour shift, not just two minutes," I replied.  Nurse manager looked clueless.  "I've told you about her, and you told me her behavior was all my fault."  Nurse manager left.

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