Thursday, August 20, 2015

Work Reference

Very few tolerable people remain at the hospital.  One of the newer nurses is hopefully leaving soon.  I will miss her, but this place is too stressful and nasty for her to stay.

She used me as a reference.  The hospital sent me a survey to fill out online.  I don't know if this is how it's being done now, but this is what I received.

The survey was about 40 questions asking about her work performance, such as working well with others, figuring out problems, leading.  (Don't get me started on leading.  If everyone is a leader, who will follow?)  I gave her the top score every time.  She is one of the best nurses at the hospital and she really needs to get out.

I sent her copies and kept copies for myself.  Many times in my job searches, I was told that the references never completed their end or wrote negative things about me, so I was out of consideration.  This probably wasn't true.  If the person from human resources says this, it means that the company doesn't want you.  Producing evidence that the references were completed and were positive won't win over such people.  But I still made evidence.

Work becomes really lonely when you have no pals there.

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