Sunday, September 13, 2015

Overestimating Abilities

Linette was vividly describing her latest writing inspirations when the Director of Nursing ("DON") came sludging along.  She does not walk well.  Someone decided that upper management has to record their time on the time clock.  Unfortunately for her, no time clock is located anywhere near the path from her handicapped parking spot to her office.

Linette vivaciously greeted the DON as she slowly made her way to the elevator, hunched over and panting.  The elevator doors opened right away and she disappeared inside.  Directly below in the basement area is a timeclock for housekeeping.  I guess she was cleared to use that time clock because it is physically closest to her parking spot.

Two minutes later, the doors for a neighboring elevator opened.  The DON was standing there, awaiting upward travels.

Linette exclaimed, "We just saw you!"

The DON replied, "I had to punch."

Linette said, "Oh!  You punch?  Like a boxer?  Oh, I see.  You went to the gym and worked out on the punching bag.  That is great!  Isn't that great that she gets a workout in before starting work?" Linette smiled as she turned to me.

The DON stood there, speechless over Linette's lack of capacity to understand the passage of time and the DON's inability to do anything physically exerting.

"That's your baby," I thought to myself.

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