Tuesday, September 15, 2015

What a Day

It was a hell of a day, but I'm putting it in the Win Column.

An evil supervisor sent me to to work on a ward instead of my office.  Keep in mind that the place fell apart when I took a lunch break a few days earlier.

I was set for failure.  This ward is staffed by Nurse Fortune, who still maintains that I stole her job, and Charge Nurse Joy, who collaborated with the Evil Supervisor on duty today to fire a nurse a few months back.

As an added bonus, there were two Karma events happening:
- A surprise baby shower for someone who denies the baby
- A romantic breakup

Nurses Fortune and Joy were being the nasty, lazy people they are.  Nurse Fortune left mid-morning because I made her ill.  Really.  That was the explanation given to me by the supervisor and Nurse Joy.  It was a lie to cover her absence for the rest of the shift.

When Nurse Fortune returned near the end of the shift, she exploded on me because her work area was just as messy as she left it.  I had not cleaned up after her, a break from our days of "working" together.  Nurse Joy ordered me to clean up the mess, explaining, "It doesn't matter who made the mess.  We all help one another."

I responded, "When you thought I made the mess, it mattered.  Now that Nurse Fortune admitted it was her mess, it doesn't matter.  I already helped you both tremendously today by covering Nurse Fortune's workload so she could go missing, sanctified by our supervisor."

Nurse Joy shook her head and said, "Still, you can help out and clean.  You also need to stay behind to give hands off to the next shift."

I said, "Those days of both of you leaving me stranded on the floor while you bail before the end of the shift are over.  It's your floor.  You stay."

I hung out by the entrance/exit doors to the ward.  When Nurse Joy came through with her bags, I said, "Oh, we're leaving!  Bye everyone!" and walked out behind her.  Nurse Fortune picked up the desk phone and screamed, "Nurse Enid just left!" and not "Nurse Joy just left."  Supervisor paged me repeatedly as I walked through the building.  I kept going.

I wish that they did not pull this nonsense on me in the first place.  But I am glad that I did not give in to their demands.

"Mike," the new father, was very surprised by the surprise baby shower and quite uncomfortable by my presence.  I told people that I was embarrassed because nobody told me, so I had not purchased a gift.  I convinced several people that we should chip in for a large gift from his registry, only to be unable to find his name attached to any.  I stood by, smiling to myself, while people asked him where he was registered, while he tried to convince people that "Oh, we didn't register because we don't need anything."  Liar.  Her name is on the registry by itself.

Imagine my luck in working this ward on the same day as the baby shower.

The next bonus was Dina's emotional phone calls and crying in corners.  She and boyfriend/husband are no longer living together.  She is desperately trying to convince someone to take her dog, as her new place won't allow canine residents.  And the landlord keeps pestering her for rent, "even though only my stuff and my dog are in the apartment.  I don't sleep there, so why should I continue to pay rent?"

She kept giving me the Evil Eye every time I heard her phonecalls, but too bad.  She deserves it.  Plus, work is not the place to expect privacy.

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