Saturday, October 31, 2015

Acceptance and Cancellation

7:50 am.  Shift supervisor on the phone.  "Nurse Enid, go to Building [X- across the campus] by 8 am.  You have an all-day inservice."
Me:  "It's almost 8.  I'll be late."
Supervisor:  "That's okay."
Me:  "I'm in the middle of helping a doctor."
Supervisor:  "Just tell the doctor you have to go."

I told my immediate supervisor that I had to leave.  "They are supposed to give you written notice when you have inservice," she started.

"Well," I answered, "They treat me different."

I gathered my things and was about to leave.

8:00 am.  Shift supervisor on the phone.  "Nurse Enid, I will call you in five or ten minutes to let you know if you have to be there at 8."
Me:  "It's 8 o'clock now."
Supervisor:  "That's why I will call you back."

I continued working.  She did not call back until the afternoon.

2:00 pm.  Shift supervisor on the phone.  "Oh, Nurse Enid, what are you doing there?  I thought you were supposed to be at the inservice."
Me:  "You told me to wait for your phonecall."
Supervisor:  "No, I told you to go.  There was some confusion later, but if you were not sure, you should have called and I could have clarified for you.  Now you are in direct violation of the required inservice."
Me:  "Could you give me a copy of the letter you sent me letting me know that this was a required inservice on this date and the times?"
Supervisor:  "I would not keep copies of such things.  You should keep track of your own stuff."
Me:  "I never received a letter.  You will need to reschedule me and send written notice in advance of the date so I can plan my work schedule around it."
Supervisor:  "You do what you have to do.  I have no choice but to report your insubordination to our director."
Me:  "You do what you have to do.  Just send me a copy of your written complaint."

I've heard nothing further.  She is such an ass.  She is the same supervisor who canceled my overtime and then reported me for not coming in, pretending that she could not understand that her action negated my agreement to come to work.

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