Thursday, October 1, 2015


I returned from my days off to find a copy of a letter on my desk.

On my first day off, my immediate supervisor had written to a bunch of people in charge that she had no knowledge that I ever went onto the patient wards; she did not ever authorize me to go to any ward; and she could not think of a single reason why I would need to go to a patient ward to carry out my job duties.

This was in response to last week's instructions by a nursing supervisor that I was to stay away from the wards because my presence had offended and insulted another nurse, leading her to conclude that I was spying on her.

I had stayed away, gladly, and then was out for several days.

I was still holding the paper when my supervisor arrived.  "Even though I wrote that letter, we still had to have a meeting days later," she said.

"You know that I need to go to the wards to deliver and pick up papers," I started.  My mini-vacation revival was over.

"That does not include harassing the other nurses," she explained.  "You were told to stay away from the wards, especially from a particular nurse, yet I had to defend you every day since then."

"You call this 'defending' me?  You denied that I had a work-related reason for stepping outside this office.  You've set the stage for anyone to accuse me of harassment whenever they see me anywhere in this hospital," I said.

"Well, really I was defending myself more so than you, but I don't want to get in trouble because of stuff you did," the supervisor responded.

"I didn't do anything!" I answered back.  "Even when the nursing supervisor first spoke to me, there was no allegation of wrong-doing.  The problem is that my existence upsets one of her princesses."

"But you kept going back to that nurse's ward and bothering her," she continued.

"No, I didn't.  There are cameras.  I have not stepped onto any ward since the supervisor told me to stop.  I haven't even been at work for almost a week."

She back peddled as only this place can do.  "No one said you were at work."

"If you are saying that I continued to go to the work area of this nurse every day, then you are saying that I was at work when you know I was not here."

She tried processing this.  "Just don't leave the office without telling me where you are going, why, and how long it will take."

"Could you put that in writing?" I sweetly asked.  She walked away.  She won't codify it in writing because that is proof that they are harassing me.

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