Saturday, October 24, 2015


I bumped into the union leader.  She acted friendly.

"We wanted your opinion on something," she started.

Yeah, right.

"We need to get the third nurse away from Nurse Fortune and Nurse Joy," she started.

"Don't even think about putting me there," I cut her off.

"No, of course not," she smiled.  "We were thinking of putting the new nurse with them.  She seems tough enough to stand up to them."

"No.  That's mean.  She'll leave.  She has another job and doesn't have to put up with their daily hostility and blaming."  How do they select their targets?

"She can handle them, no?" the union leader continued.

"Nobody can handle them.  Nobody should have to handle them.  Nurse Fortune put me through hell for months, with your blessing."  The smile vanished from her face.  I continued.  "When you are new, you don't want to make waves by standing up to bully nurses.  That new nurse will be emotionally damaged if you put her with Nurse Fortune and Nurse Joy.  They will dump all their work on her and at the end of the day, still report her to the supervisor to be written up."

"Well, then, who should we put there?" the union leader quipped, rather miffed.

I named one of the princesses- the one who got my false twin written up twice recently.

"We can't put her there!" the union leader gasped.  "No work would get done!"

I stared at her.  "You mean to tell me that you know that none of them do any work, so you spread them out among the hospital for other nurses to carry their workload, and yet you defend these bullies when they complain about the other nurses?"  I was getting angry with her.

"What do you want us to do with them?" she retorted.

"Fire them!" I answered immediately.

She shook her head and smiled, and started speaking as if to a child.  "You know we can't just fire someone without a very long paper trail."

I smiled back.  "You had no problem a few months ago when they fired Nurse [X]."  The smile dissipated from her face.  "No paper trail.  Nurse Joy's word and the 'investigation' of an incompetent supervisor.  Took one weekend to get rid of her.  'Indefensible' was the union's description of the fired nurse's predicament, yes?"

She sat there, not speaking.  I walked away.

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