Thursday, October 29, 2015

Good day to call out

While I was out, my supervisor called in insurance pre-certifications for the hospital stays for a few new patients, and she was not happy.

"It's your job, so when you are not here, it falls on me," she explained, bitterly.

"Actually, that is not my job.  I've never done that," I said.

"Well, they told me it was your job," she retorted, as if I'm trying to get out of doing work.

"They put a lot of other people's work on me," I said.  "I need you to stick up for me.  When a shift supervisor calls with an extra task for me, you tell me to 'just do it' and 'stop arguing with everybody.'  They will increase my work and it will flow onto you, too.  They don't care, as long as they aren't doing any work themselves."

"That is your problem if you don't like your job," she quipped and walked away.

She doesn't get it.  They tolerate her slightly more than they tolerate me.  They will dump a bunch of work on both of us, write us up for mistakes or not finishing, and then terminate us both.

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