Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Job Interview

I am set for a job interview!

Wish me luck.

It is for an insurance company.  Some kind of paperwork job, reviewing medical records.  Not patient care.

When they called and set up the date, I couldn't believe it.  I walked around the rest of the day, looking at my "coworkers," imagining never seeing them again.  It feels so good thinking that someone may recognize my abilities and want to hire me.

I am careful to not let myself get too wrapped up in the fantasy, though.  I have a terrible time securing interviews and an even worse time getting chosen for the position.  My last brush with interviews and potential employment was over a year ago.

If the pay is less than what I make now, I just can't take the job.  My debt is too great.  The days are gone when I took low-paying jobs in hopes of gaining experience that would enable me to climb up the corporate ladder.  They won't hire me cheap, then realize my wonderful contributions and triple my salary.  Not going to happen.  I won't progress far from the starting salary.

My current job sucks, but the insurance is great and I get more paid time off than most places.

I have to try very hard to be confident and not weird.  This place has damaged me psychologically.

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