Monday, October 19, 2015

Parking Lot Encounters- Parking Spot

Besides arriving super early to avoid people, I leave late, also to avoid people.  I miss most of the people on the incoming and outgoing shifts- except for the chronically late who just don't care.

I park on the side of the main lot, which is not even one of the closest hundred spots.

On this particular day, an orderly saw me and started chatting.  "A few weeks ago, I had the same surgery you did, and I'm fine!  I don't understand why you limp," she started telling me.

I thanked her for her "concern."

We noticed a horn honking.  One of the orderlies for the next shift, which started twenty minutes ago, was waiting in his car for me to leave.

"What are you honking for?" the chatty orderly yelled.

"I need that spot and she is standing around, talking!" he yelled back and honked the horn some more to emphasize his annoyance.

"Go park there, or there, or there!" the orderly shouted back.  "There are hundreds of other spots.  Why do you have to have this one?"

"She is supposed to leave," he roared back and continued sitting there, honking.

"Just ignore him," the chatty orderly said.  She stayed with me a few more minutes until the jerk finally drove off with one long horn blast.

That was very nice of her to stand up for me.

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