Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Patient Concern or Unconcern

I took a few days off.  One of the wound care docs visited while I was off.  I am so glad I wasn't there.  A stage IV (four) ulcer re-opened and was infected with purulent drainage.  None of the nurses had noticed, in spite of the patient's assertions that he had been complaining about the pain to anyone who would listen.

This patient was on my special list of patients I monitor- until I was banned from patient care areas.  I told the wound care doc about my banishment and she expressed concern that the wounds would worsen.

A few weeks later, her fears were realized.  My supervisor told me that the doctor was livid and went to the director of the hospital.

According to my supervisor, an investigation is ongoing, but the nurses for the patient claimed that they were not doing the wound care or body assessment because they thought I was doing it.

I have not been near this particular ward in over a month, starting with the day I was ordered to stay away.

The wound care is twice daily every day.  I am not at work that frequently, so there is no logical way that someone could claim that I was the one doing every ordered episode of wound care.

But this place is not logical.

"See," my supervisor scolded me, "I told you to stay away or you would get blamed when something happened.  You didn't listen."

"I did listen!" I countered.  "I did stay away.  Yet I'm still being blamed."

I found an email that the supervisor printed.  I was excluded from the email circle, which is strange if I am supposedly the one who caused this big mess.  The doctor blasted the staff assigned to the patient's ward.  The doctor also pointed out that when I was checking on the patient, the wound was healing.

The director of nursing responded, "Thank you for your concern for our patients, doctor.  Nurse Enid is not permitted to deliver patient care."

This statement infers that there is something wrong with me, or an action filed against me, that forbids me from being in contact with patients.

I knew as soon as I stopped doing the wound care, it would fester and re-open.


  1. I like your blog a lot. Its informative and full of information. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thank you! I hope to inspire others to find solidarity and support in this rough field and enable them to continue caring for their patients.