Friday, October 30, 2015

Vanishing Responsibility

My supervisor got in trouble.

I don't like her, but it's really not her fault.

A stack of papers came her way by mistake, as usual.  They were older records for a current patient.  She delivered them to the ward where the patient was staying.

The next day, the doctor who ordered the old records started asking around for them.  One of the nurses recalled receiving them from my supervisor, then not remembering what she did with them.

I overheard the exchange between my supervisor and some big wig.

"Why would you just hand over important papers to someone so irresponsible?"

"What do you mean, 'irresponsible?'  She's a nurse just like me.  She is the nurse taking care of this patient."

"Didn't you make copies before giving the papers away?"

"No!  The records have nothing to do with me.  I don't know who brought them here.  I found them sitting on the floor in the hallway when I came back from break.  Anyone could have taken them.  I'm the responsible one who delivered them where they belong."

"You're not too responsible because you didn't make copies.  What if they got lost, which is exactly what happened?"

"I did not lose the papers.  You know who lost them.  Why don't you go after her?  I'm not photocopying inches of papers that have nothing to do with me just in case some careless person misplaces them."

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