Friday, October 23, 2015

Work Husband

Guess who asked me out!?!

Dina's husband.

Well, he didn't ask.  He told me about our first date.

He was bright red, smiling, a bit coy.  "I'm old-fashioned," he started.  "I'd like us to begin our relationship with a nice dinner, a quiet place, where we could just talk and get to know each other better."

I leaned in so as to not be overheard.  "When hell freezes over," I whispered, and walked away.  His face didn't change.  He probably didn't understand the phrasing.

Let me clarify the background for you, dear readers.

This couple put me through hell.  Dina would come to my work area and scream at me that I was a whore.  She incited others to rally against me.  Boyfriend/Husband was delighted.  It was some kind of jealousy game they loved to play.  I was a pawn.

Dina has been publicly cavorting with male staff around the hospital.  Hubby needs an in-house girlfriend himself.  Well, it won't be me.  He is a jerk.

In addition, his first wife still works at the hospital.  She has her own group of loyal followers, including a nursing supervisor who goes down in history as one of the few supervisors who successfully got an employee- Dina's husband- suspended.  If this posse thinks that I am dating him, they will go after me.  He was not discreet when he approached me.  Others may have heard him.

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