Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Write ups

I think I'm down to just a few people I can talk to at this hospital.

One of them is often confused with me because we are not from the same area of the world as most of the other staff.  We differ in size, shape, age, hair color, eye color; but these don't seem to be differentiating factors in the eyes of others.

One of the Favorite Children got my false twin written up twice in one day for nonsense:
--- Used evening supply of medication for morning administration (same dose)
--- Did not sign a thirty minute follow-up result on an as-needed medication for headache (was endorsed to next shift because this time fell on the next shift)

If she or I had tried to get one of the Favorite Children written up for this, we would have been the ones in trouble for not getting along with others, being critical, and trying to get others in trouble for nothing.

I told her to start going to the Favorite Child's supervisor with similar complaints, which will be dismissed.  Then we can try to get the supervisor in trouble for applying a harsher standard of performance.

But it probably won't work in this place.  The supervisor will deny receiving such complaints, no witness will back up my twin, and any errors by the Favorite Child will be fixed in the meantime.

Anyone have any better ideas?


  1. If the supervisor claims not to receive complaints, that's what email is for. You can pull the email out of your Sent Items folder and show the exact date and time it was sent, plus a copy of your exact words so nobody can misquote you.

    If you're paranoid, you can also BCC: somebody else you trust, so there's more than one copy of the email in the system.

  2. Thank you Scrub Ninja!
    Remembering your comment, I emailed a few people, requesting a copy of my job description or duties. Nobody answered me yet, but I felt better knowing that I started a paper trail. My oral requests have gone unmet.

  3. Have you ever gotten your job description? That is a labor law I think...

    1. Yes, I received my "job description." Officially, my job title never changed. I am still a floor nurse.

      I thought I posted this. Thanks for asking- I had not posted this important event.

      This exchange is highly relevant for upcoming stories.