Sunday, November 22, 2015


The increasingly irritated and irritating nurse called, saying that my supervisor did not tell her about an upcoming procedure.

I was surprised that she was not blaming me, but grateful for the momentary reprieve.

"I'll tell her," I answered and hung up.

As soon as I told my supervisor, she flew to the phone and called the nurse.  "I gave you the packet on Thursday at 10:45 in the morning," my supervisor declared, reading from the log where she tracks who gets what when.  (People lose papers all the time.)

The nurse shouted, "You did not.  You can't just make up a name and time and say that's when you gave the papers.  You are lying!"

"Don't you tell me that I am lying!" my supervisor shouted back.  "The ward clerk was standing right next to you when I handed you the papers.  Ask her.  Maybe she remembers what you did with them."  Then she slammed down the phone.

A short while later, the nurse called again and asked for my supervisor.  "I found the papers," the nurse explained, again talking so loudly that I could hear from across the room.  "If Enid would have told me WHEN you gave the papers, I could have found them and not had to bother you."

Are you kidding me?  She bypassed me from the start and called my supervisor a liar.  Yet she thinks that I would have been able to slide in a helpful "You got the papers on Thursday!"  She organizes papers by patient or by date received?

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