Sunday, November 15, 2015

Focus on the Hate

A major procedure was canceled for a patient on Nurse Fortune's ward.  (She and I applied for a position that I got, which caused her to become more psychotic.)

I called the ward and the secretary, who is intellectually challenged, answered the phone.  I gave her the news thrice, as she was not understanding it.  I also called the staffing office and canceled the extra orderly, so I could not logically be blamed for excess staffing.

Nurse Fortune just had to call me.  "What time does the patient have to be there for this procedure?  You have a date, but no time.  How do you expect me to get the patient ready when you don't even provide the time?"

"The procedure was canceled.  I told this to the ward secretary.  Didn't she tell you?" I said.

"The supervisor called here and said that the procedure was canceled.  But you did not put a time, so I don't know how you expect people to know what time the procedure is," Fortune continued, unswayed.

"I do include times with my published schedules.  The time was 6:30 a.m., but that doesn't matter now because the procedure was canceled because the doctor will be away," I tried again.

"Ok, I get that, but you are not listening.  You don't listen when people are trying to speak.  I'm asking you what time we are supposed to send the patient, and you keep saying that the procedure is canceled.  That doesn't tell me what time," she continued.

She is so focused on hating me and pointing out my supposed errors that she cannot process new information.

"6:30," I answered.

"6:30.  Why couldn't you tell me that in the first place?  So we will send the patient at 6:30," she said, then hung up.

Oh well.


  1. 😏 Love this story- I hate stupid people-

    1. The problem with Nurse Fortune is that she is focused on showing herself and everyone else that I am incompetent in the job I have, which is the job she wants. She doesn't notice that her harping on a non-issue makes her look stupid because she is too focused on hating me.