Saturday, November 14, 2015

Relationship Advice from a Pro

One of the psychiatrists does couples therapy as a side job.  He bestows his learned wisdom on the staff.  Unsolicited.

"If you want to make love to a woman that evening, you start in the morning by being nice to her and happy to see her."  This is great, I think.

He also advises people to be willing to try whatever act in the bedroom that their partner wants to do.

And people are to have as many lovers as possible before settling down so that they know that they are with someone who is good in bed.

Any thoughts or discussion?


  1. Uh, so you marry someone because they are good in bed? I do agree with the trying of different things - AS LONG AS each person is comfortable...

    1. Some valid points.
      I try to learn things from the docs. They all have their other specialties and interests.