Sunday, November 1, 2015

The Job Interview

I had the job interview!

Don't get too excited.

The person interviewing me did not read my resume or application until I sat down for the interview.  He asked a few irrelevant questions and then asked what job I had applied for.

"Nurse to review medical records for litigation," I answered.

"Is that what the ad said?  I didn't even read it," he said.  He thought for a moment and then said, "I think a trauma nurse would be best.  Are you a trauma nurse?"

"No," I responded.  Reading my resume had not helped him gauge who I was.  "My experience is in psychiatry and nursing home care.  I took care of some very sick people in the nursing home."

I have no idea how to save an interview.

"Well, we mostly handle cases about orthopedic surgery and delivering babies," he said.

"So why do you need a trauma nurse?" I asked.

"Because trauma nurses do everything," he answered, surprised that he had to explain to a nurse what nurses do.

"No," I decided to risk it.  "Trauma nurses do trauma.  They don't do surgery and they don't deliver babies."

He just sat there.

"May I ask," I continued, "How many trauma nurses applied for this position?"

"None," he answered.  "I interviewed one other person so far.  It turns out she isn't even a nurse."  He looked at me.  "Are you really a nurse?" he asked.

"I am," I answered and ended the interview.

I guess that there are other places also disorganized and inefficient just like my current job.

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