Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Unprofessional as evidenced by Good Patient Relations

One of the nice nurses got in trouble by one of the witches.

The complaint:  Unprofessional.

As evidenced by:  The patients made her a card for her birthday.

According to the witch, boundaries were crossed when the patients found out the nurse's birthday.  Plus, patients being nice to the nurse demonstrates that she was nice to the patients, which is unprofessional.

I feel so bad when I hear stuff like this.  She actually had to meet with the Director of Nursing to develop a plan to improve her professionalism and make the patients like her less.


  1. I love your winged asshole merit badge. It usually comes with the explanation "If assholes had wings this place would be an airport." We had these flying holes posted in strategic locations at the last place I worked.