Sunday, December 27, 2015

Gifts with Strings

My immediate supervisor did not give me anything for Christmas.

I'm not saying this to be selfish.  It's proof that something is wrong.

We exchanged gifts last year.  I don't recall what she gave me.  Maybe gloves.  I gave her a bottle of wine.

I gave her a present this year.  "Oh, thank you," she said.  Flat.  No interest.  Like I was handing her a pen to write with.

She is not even pretending to be decent.

I would like to think that she has other things going on in her life that are causing her to be miserable.  The problem is that she is projecting all of this negativity onto me.  My position at the hospital is precarious.  She could push me over the edge into unemployment.  The shift supervisors are just waiting for her to declare me unnecessary.

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