Friday, December 4, 2015

Illogical Assertions

When I schedule appointments and procedures, I work within the confines of the psych ward's unique schedule.  This translates into a small window of opportunity from around 9:30 in the morning through noon.  Unfortunately, some doctors and locations do not bend to our timeframe.

A nurse called me, yelling about a patient's 7 am slot for Same Day Stay.  "That's when they do those procedures," I explained.

"We cannot get the patient there so early," the nurse insisted.  "People have to come in, get settled, eat breakfast, then see what has to get done."  She was talking about the staff, not the patient's needs.

"Oh well," I answered.  I'm done.  They are so ego-driven and obsessed with finding offense and insult in every task.

For an appointment scheduled later in the day, an orderly came to me and yelled at me.  This is not the first time she has done this.  The first time, I explained that certain procedures and surgeons are scheduled very early or very late beyond my control.  Her assignment to escort these early or late events is also beyond my control.  Instead of accepting my explanation and realizing that she was complaining to the wrong person, she continued yelling at me and continues to return to me whenever she is assigned an early or late medical escort.

First, she's an orderly.  I'm the nurse.  I don't take orders from her.  Second, her job is on a ward, not in my office.  She is neglecting her duty when she leaves her assigned area to come into mine to berate me.  Third, if she has a problem with her assignment, she needs to address it with the shift supervisor, not me.

I ignored her intrusion, so she told her tale of woe to a lazy bitch in a nearby office.  "That girl won't listen to me" and "Someone should teach her how to do her job" were uttered at high volume.

I saw a frustrated woman.  Her plan of action to remedy a perceived trespass against her was to yell at me.  When her behavior changed nothing, she continued the same, continuing to yell at me when she was assigned an early or late escort.  She's an idiot for not grasping that her method needs modification.  She's also an idiot for thinking that her job is so secure that she can abandon her post, harass a nurse, and protest a simple task.

I don't see this institution surviving much longer.  Someone like her is unemployable elsewhere.

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