Sunday, December 27, 2015

Informal Education: When You have been Duped

The secretary in the Quiet Office is attending nursing school.  She asked me some questions.  She expressed concern over becoming a nurse, mainly because nurses are not nice to other nurses.

"I have to work here for five years after I earn my nursing degree; otherwise, I have to repay the tuition," she lamented.

"What do you mean?  This hospital pays your tuition?" I asked to clarify.

"Yes, they pay for any degree related to your job or healthcare," she explained.


Now I'm pissed.  Several people told me before I started working here that one of the great benefits was paid tuition and that you could go all the way to doctorate in nursing, or even pick up an MBA or any degree related to health care administration.  Great.  It was one of the reasons I accepted this job.

As soon as I started, I asked Human Resources.  The guy laughed and said, "Yeah, right.  No more.  Tuition is astronomical and the hospital had to cut corners somewhere, so the tuition assistance program was one of the first things to go."

I asked the union.  The rep said, "Yeah, this hospital won't pay for college tuition anymore.  But there are three scholarships for $1000 awarded every year to the dependent of a union member who is graduating high school and attending a two or four year program."

"That doesn't apply to my situation," I said.

"We can't help everyone," she replied.

So why was I lied to about tuition assistance?  And what can I do about this now?  If the hospital will pay to further my education, I'll go as far as I can.  But I really don't want to commit myself to work in this place for any period of time.

Why is it okay to lie to me?

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