Thursday, December 24, 2015

Marital Problems at Work

Dina's husband asked me out.  Again.  In the parking lot.  I hope nobody was watching.  The allies of his first wive and second wive will come after me.

"Can I have your phone number?" he asked.

"For what?" I asked back.

"To call you.  I'd love to hang out again and just talk, like old times," he answered.

"That never happened," I responded.

"Well, I feel like it did," he smiled.

"Well, that's what we call a 'delusion' in the mental health field," I answered, getting annoyed.

He didn't grasp the concept.

"Listen," he tried keeping me, "Things got bad between us because of my wife.  But we broke up months ago.  That is over.  So the two of us can be together now."

"There is no us," I answered firmly.  "I'm not interested in hearing about your wife or marriage or divorce."

"But it's over between us!" he pleaded.

I hopped in my car and left.

Dina went ballistic on me several times at work, on the floor, in front of patients and other staff, ordering me to stay away from her husband.  I had no intention of being with her husband.  If both of them could have dropped off the planet, that would have been fine by me.  She acted like a jealous, low class, insecure jerk on a street corner, except that she was at work, in a hospital.  I felt so powerless and wronged and I will never risk giving either of them an edge over me again.

What Dina realized was that her husband's wandering eye wanted me.  She couldn't order him around, so she tried to prevent him from having an affair by blocking me.  Well, their marriage fell apart anyway.  I've only been here a few years.  In that time he got divorced from Wife One, officially dated then married Wife Two, and is now divorcing her.

Let's just be glad they didn't make any babies together.

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