Thursday, December 24, 2015

Pillow Fight

Not to belabor the personal items issue, but I remembered another strange occurrence.

After my bag had moved from my office space to a storage room, my immediate supervisor told me that I couldn't leave my bag out on the counter.  I had purposely put the bag in a corner on a tower of boxes, out of the way of all the other crap in the room.

So I moved the bag into a cabinet.  The crap in the cabinets included patient records from the 1990s, copies of those records in case something happened to the original records that reside next to the copies; catalogs from the 1980s; boxes of supplies that are no longer manufactured; random screws and metal parts, and so forth.

Even at this early time I knew to not offer to throw anything out.

The next day, I went to put my bag in a cabinet in the storage room.  When I opened the door of a cabinet, out popped two pillows.  Pillows were stuffed into every cabinet and drawer, filling any space not filled by other random crap.

My supervisor arrived to work and went about her day as if nothing was amiss.  Finally I mentioned to her that overnight someone must have received a shipment of new pillows and decided to store them in our area.

"Oh?" she cooed.

"There's a lot of pillows in that storage room," I continued.

She became serious.  "I know about that.  I am the one who put them in there."

"Oh.  Okay," I said.  There was really no point in asking why.

"We need pillows for the patients, so I had to get some," she said.

"But you told me that I can't give out pillows because someone might use a pillow to sleep," I pointed out.

"See?  This is what I was talking about.  You argue with everybody," she snarked.

"I was just trying to clarify the circumstances under which I can give someone a pillow, now that we have more," I said.  I was really trying to clarify for myself what was going on.

"If you think that you want to give a pillow to someone, you ask me first.  You are not supposed to just go and do something like give out a pillow on your own without asking," she admonished, like I was a small child and not a professional nurse capable of figuring out when a patient might need a pillow.

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