Saturday, January 16, 2016

Can I Appeal?

I didn't call the nurses' union about my leave.  I want to try to get another job first.  If I get another job, then I can just fade away from this Hell Hole.

Whenever I fought for myself in the past at the hospital, I lost.  This latest problem seems to have been orchestrated high up the ladder and wide.  Even the employee health doc was in on it.

The union is not on my side.  Part of me wants to complain, just to make more work for both the union and the people at the hospital.  Make them hate me even more.

The other reason to complain through the union is to try to get my job back, in case I can't find another job.  But I think I would lose.  Again.  The hospital would make up some nonsense that I refused my assignment and walked off the job.  None of what they did was in writing.  I asked.  They said they would send me a letter but I had to leave the building right away because of liability issues.  I still don't have such a letter.  I have no proof that I didn't just abandon my job that day.  Nobody will stick up for me.

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