Friday, January 1, 2016

Late, Lazy, and Entitled

I was in a kitchenette near the staffing office.  A clerk called an orderly and asked why she was not at work.  It was half an hour into the shift.  The speakerphone was on.

Clerk:  Marie, why aren't you at work?

Marie:  It's my day off.

Clerk:  No, Marie, it's not your day off.  You are on the schedule.

Marie:  No, it's Wednesday, my day off.

Clerk:  Today is Tuesday.

Marie:  No, it's Wednesday and I am off.

Clerk:  Marie, it's Tuesday and you were supposed to be here at seven.  Are you coming in or not?

Marie:  Not on my day off.

Clerk:  Marie, you are not off.  So are you coming in or not?

Marie:  Okay, if you say it's Tuesday.

Clerk:  I do say it's Tuesday.  Look at your phone.

Marie:  Fine.  I'll come in.

Clerk:  Okay.  Punch in when you get here and go to your home ward.

Marie:  What?


Marie:  Oh, I'll just sign in.

Clerk:  No, you won't.  You will punch in when you get here so there is a record of when you arrived.

Marie:  But I won't get paid a full day if I do it that way, so I'll just sign in.  That's how I do it.

Clerk:  You aren't getting paid a full day because you aren't here for the full day.  PUNCH IN when you arrive.

Marie:  Well, now I don't know if I can make it.

Clerk:  Okay Marie.  I tried.  It's out of my hands now.


Marie is a nightmare to work with.  She is more instrusive than the patients.  She argues every assignment and ultimately does absolutely nothing.  She is missing for most of the shift.

I don't understand why the hospital puts up with her but persecutes me.

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