Saturday, January 16, 2016


Someone from the hospital called me.  (Not everyone hates me.  Must remember that.)

"Why is Nurse Fortune working in your office?" she asked.

It all clicked.  Finally Nurse Fortune got the job she wanted.  My job.  That damn bitch.

"Well, I'm out for a bit, so I guess they needed someone to fill in," I answered.  Should I pretend that everything is fine?

"Oh, well, you know, I'm just concerned because I know she doesn't like you and was afraid that she might try to push you out," she said.

She already pushed me out, I thought to myself.


Thank goodness I was forewarned about Nurse Fortune because my immediate supervisor called later.  I felt prepared to answer the phone.

"How are you?" she asked.  Fishing for information to feed the higher-ups to use against me.

"I'm fine, thank you.  How are you?  The kids?  The grandkids?" I asked, pretending to sound like I wasn't talking to someone who had screwed me over.

She jumped right into the Nurse Fortune situation.  "Nobody told me they were putting her here," she said.  "She yells at me whenever I try to say something to her."

"Yes, that is what she would do to me too," I responded.  Was she trying to clear her conscience?  She is stupid, but did she seriously think that getting rid of me was the ultimate goal?  I needed to get out of the way for Nurse Fortune to take my place.  She helped them do it and now she was stuck with this jerk.

"She has done no work!" the supervisor continued.  "She comes in late, talks on her phone, eats at the desk, then disappears for hours.  I tried telling the supervisors, but they told me that it is my responsibility to train her on what to do.  How can I when she yells at me!"

I smiled to myself.  I am glad that I am not there.  But I have to find another job, quickly.  If I have to try to go back to this hospital, I can't just have my position back.  I have to get Nurse Fortune out of it first. 

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