Saturday, January 16, 2016

Where is the Money?

The hospital put out some kind of advertisement in the form of a fiscal update.

Profits, Profits, Profits.  Profits from high acuities, "efficient" staffing levels, highest insurance reimbursements.

Keep in mind that we can't get raises or supplies because of the budget.  They have some nerve complaining to the employees that the company is about to go under water financially and then put out an ad about how they are so financially sound.

I guess they can afford to keep all those employees who do nothing.


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  2. Man that is seriously bad. I mean, they should really give you a raise. I have also been having a same kind of problem here. They say they are making millions, and yet they fail to give us a raise. It is like we work for nothing.
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    1. I guess it's the owners of the hospital who delight in hearing about profits. To the people who actually do the work, it is disheartening to hear about profits when that does not trickle down to them in their paychecks or to the budget for supplies.