Thursday, February 4, 2016

Back to Work

This was supposed to be me.
Now I can't go to a doctor
because my employer may get a hold of the records.
I went back to work at the Hell Hole.

I hate it.

Is that too negative?

I tried to get another job.  The pathetic attempts will be in another blog post.

Medical clearance had to be issued first.  I overheard the doctor on the phone with a supervisor:  "She is going to say it's only arthritis and that it's a natural part of the aging process.  What else do you want me to do?"

Other than existing, did I do something so horribly wrong that they need to focus on me so much?

In the exam room, the doctor read some notes from one of my personal physicians.  I had not authorized any of my doctors to send my personal medical information to my job.  I was frozen.  I felt very stupid for ever telling anyone what doctors I had used for anything.  My supervisor or someone at this Hell Hole probably called my doctor and pretended that I was a patient at the hospital and that they needed my medical records.

Yes, I called my doctor's office.  They said that they would not have sent information from a phonecall only and require written consent.  I asked for a copy of the written request, as I had never signed consent.  They are ignoring me.

I'm sending emails daily to the doctor's office and human resources.  Nothing.

They are gathering information on me to try to justifiably fire me.

I was going to go back to the doctor for more aggressive pain management, but I canceled the appointment.  I'm now afraid to go to any doctor because my employer may get a hold of the records and use the information to fire me.  I remember the employee health doctor bragging about not letting people back to work if they were taking prescription pain medication.  I can't risk it until I find another job.

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