Thursday, February 18, 2016

Invisible Award

One of the social workers quit to move to another continent.  Some of the nicer people at this Snake Pit gathered at a local pub to see her off.

An older woman was there, talking to various employees.  I introduced myself.  She responded, "I know who you are.  We work together."

The lighting was on the dim side, which is not great for my vision acuity, but I really did not remember seeing her before.

She continued, "I have an office around the corner from you.  But I know how to hide, so people don't know I'm there."

One can never be sure if someone has one of those No-Show jobs or is just really good at hiding and not having to do any work.  So I asked her how she stays out of sight.

"I arrive a few minutes early, before the time clocks get busy.  I leave a few minutes late, after the rush is over.  I stay in my office for lunch.  I don't leave my office unless I absolutely have to."

I commended her on this ability to stay below the radar.

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