Thursday, February 4, 2016

Job Interview

During my leave of absence, I applied for many jobs in many fields.

I had one interview!

They didn't call me back, so I guess I did not get the job.

The interview went well for someone as unemployable as myself.  It was for a nurse to assist urologists with procedures in the office.  The practice spans five offices and over thirty physicians.  The people conducting the interview were human resource representatives.  No actual healthcare providers are involved in the beginning stages of the interview process.

Many phonecalls were received for travel nursing.  I'm sure I checked "no travel" on my applications, so I'm not sure why my resume triggered so many travel nursing inquiries.  I don't think I would do well with travel nursing.  True, I make enemies the first week, so moving along every twelve weeks would be good for my career for that reason.  But how would I pay for my home and a home away from home?  After the twelve week contract was up and my departing employer reported that everyone hated me, how would I secure the next position?  I can't find a new job to save my life.  Finding a new job every twelve weeks seems too jaunting.

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