Thursday, February 18, 2016

Trade Off

My supervisor lent me out to work on a ward.

"It's an emergency!" she shrieked.

Her definition of emergency differs from my definition.  She meant that because of her incompetence, she did not adequately staff the shift.  Once again she sought me out to cover her ass.

Enabling her.  That's what I'm doing.  It's not a role I relish.

The day was not too bad.  I did very little.  Another nurse gave out medications and another was in charge of the ward.  The orderlies were not feisty and argumentative; instead, they left me alone.  Working with low-key people makes such a difference in the flow of the day.  It keeps everyone calm.

One of the union reps passed through and asked what I was doing on the ward.  She was probably going to report me for trespassing.  "It's my assignment today," I answered.

"You shouldn't have to work on the ward!" she gasped, as if this was a new thing.  I just looked at her.  What was she going to do to help me out?  Nothing.

After the next shift arrived, I passed by my office to see my immediate supervisor frantically pushing papers.  "Bye!" I waved.

"I still have so much work!" she retorted.  "Who do you think does your work when you are not here?"

I shrugged my shoulders and left.

She makes no connection between getting rid of me and having to do my work herself.

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