Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Harvesting and Focusing Power

When I arrive to work, there is usually a large group waiting to leave.  Rules forbid punching out until the shift ends, hence the crowd.

On this particular morning, the outgoing night shift was roaming instead of sitting when I entered the hospital.  As I approached the time clock, a woman called out, "Oh, no you don't!" and ran ahead of me and punched out.  I punched in and kept walking.

Others in the group shrieked, "What are you doing!  It's too early to punch out."

The woman yelled, "No!  How do I cancel it?" and started punching the time clock.  Then she wailed, "See what she made me do?  She raced me to the time clock so I would punch out early and get in trouble."

I did not make that woman do anything.  I was not even trying to.  I walked quietly along the fringes of the lobby, hoping nobody would mess with me.

Yet I had great power and influence over this woman.

My question is:  How can I get more in touch with this power and use it to get people to do what I want?

This woman harbored bad thoughts about me that manifested negatively for her.  But now she is angrier with me, blaming me for her rash decision to register at the time clock before I did.

It is okay that an enemy harmed themselves through no effort on my part.  But how can I use my natural impact on people to get them to do beneficial things for me?

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