Sunday, March 27, 2016

I'll Have What She's Having

I needed to schedule a class (unrelated to nursing).  I asked my supervisor what worked for her ("any day is fine, I'm not taking off now") and finally selected a date in April.  I told my supervisor and marked it on the office calendar.  I wrote it on the official worksheet for April and noted that she had not marked any days off for herself.

(Please note that this course cost over $200 and is non-refundable.  Hence my carefulness in ensuring that this was a feasible date to be off from work.)

I found out through a phonecall that this was the same exact date she picked to be off herself.

My supervisor handed me the phone, saying, "It's for you," as if she had no idea why her supervisor was asking for me.

"You can't both have off on the same day," she scolded me.  I looked at my supervisor.  She was pretending to be busy shuffling papers.

"I have one day scheduled, which I discussed with my supervisor back in February," I tried.

"Why don't you clarify with her when she is taking off before you schedule your days?  She has seniority, so she bumps you.  You need to communicate.  We've had this discussion before about your lack of communication and the negative effects it has on others."

"On the contrary," I defended myself, "This problem arose because I communicated my desired day off to her."  I turned to my immediate supervisor and spoke before she could.  "You had to pick the same day that I had already scheduled."

"I have seniority," she started.

"I know you have worked here longer," I answered.  "Seniority doesn't mean that you should purposely mess up other people's schedules.  I did communicate with you.  You didn't write down any time off on the worksheet."

"I don't have to tell you when I want off from work," she said and walked away.




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