Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Incognito Profile be Damned

I am careful to not be "friends" on FaceBook with most people at this hospital.  The few who have requested are on the restricted list, which means that they cannot see anything that is available to the unrestricted friends.  I post little "public" information, just enough to convince the followers that they see something.

Well, it didn't matter.  An orderly approached me and said, "I'm sorry to hear about your aunt's passing."

"My aunt didn't die," I responded.

"Well, your cousin.  Whoever.  The death in your family," she continued.

"Nobody in my family died recently," I answered.

"But I saw it on FaceBook," she explained.

This orderly is an idiot.  She may have seen that I commented on someone else's post about a death.  Because she cannot comprehend what she reads, she may have misinterpreted that it was my family member who died.  Or she saw a funeral procession last week and jumped to the conclusion that it was for my family.

She forms illogical conclusions from random events and no evidence to contrary can cause her to change her thoughts.  But she is a worker, not a patient.

"I did not put such a thing on FaceBook," I stated.

At this point, my supervisor, who usually monitors my every move, had noticed the exchanged and was watching, mouth open, eyes wide.

"I know I read that on your page," the orderly continued.  "Check on your page.  You'll see it."

"No."  I wanted to challenge the misinformation.  "Show me what you are seeing."

"Oh, you know I can't because I got a new phone," she answered.

"Your new phone has your FaceBook account, so pull up the post you are referring to," I pushed.

She took out her phone and paused.  "Oh, I get it.  Never mind.  I'll be quiet.  You were taking off from work by using the excuse that your aunt died.  Okay.  I won't say anything."

My supervisor gasped and ran into an office.  "I am not off from work.  I am standing here in front of you.  Now show me what you are talking about."

She fumbled with her phone while I stared at her.  Finally, she held up her phone.  "See?" she sneered.

A woman with a name similar to mine had posted that her mother had died.  The orderly was an idiot.  An absolute idiot.

"I'm still waiting for you to show me my FaceBook page with a death notice on it," I stated.

"This!" she shook her phone at me, as if I was the idiot.

"That's not me!  Look at it!  This person has a different name, lives in a different state, works in a different field, and has two young children.  She doesn't even look like me," I rattled off.

The orderly stared at her phone.  "Well, I did wonder why you had all this wrong information listed."

"Because it's not me!  It's someone else!"

She was not convinced.

Later, my supervisor had to speak with me.  "You can't make up a death in the family to take off from work," she cautioned.

"I didn't," I answered.

"You were caught before you could," she said.

"I was not caught," I answered.  "You overheard someone who is not bright making a ridiculous mistake.  I have not requested to be off from work.  Plus, there is no bonus time off for a death.  If I want to use my time off to attend a funeral or to go on a trip or to do nothing, it doesn't matter.  It's all treated the same."

"I think it's dishonest and unprofessional," she continued, unfazed by my defense.

"I think it's dishonest and unprofessional, too," I said, "That you think it is okay to berate me for something that never even happened."

"You are the one who said it happened, not me.  I'm not the one lying on FaceBook that my aunt died when she didn't.  Now your aunt will die and it will be your fault because you wished it," she scolded me, as if we were both naive children.

How is this my job?  It could be funny, laughing at them, but it's not because they get me in trouble.  Why is there such a nasty, negative streak in everything they do?  The orderly didn't confuse me with someone who accomplished something and then congratulate me; she inferred that I was lying and scheming to cheat my employer.  And my supervisor had no problem hopping on this bandwagon, refusing to consider my objection that there was no logic to these claims and no evidence.

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  1. Which is, in a nutshell, why I don't do Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or any other social media. It just encourages antisocial idiots. Once they have a bandwagon to step on, you won't shift them with high explosives!

    I chose to use a mobile phone that can't access t'internet or e-mail (even the voice mail is disabled), and don't have on-line access codes to my bank accounts so that when the banks make mistakes they can't claim that I moved the money myself, or gave the codes away.

    I can't find enough positives to any of these things to counterbalance the potential problems, so I simply don't go there.

    If you knew what I do for a living, you might be surprised at the above.... Or perhaps you would understand why I'm so cynical about technology.