Sunday, March 6, 2016

Plan to Freedom Foiled

A patient eloped.  He walked straight out the front door and continued about half a mile before someone found him.  He was not hurt.

This is not the first time that a patient has simply walked through secured doors that others held open for him.

He is an older guy.  He said he just wanted to go for a walk and get "real coffee."  Also, "I have been here too long.  Please.  Why can't I leave?"

It tugged at my heart strings.  Glancing at his chart, I noticed that he was admitted over twenty years ago.  With no where else to go, he is stuck in the hospital until he is feeble enough to qualify for nursing home placement.

This is very sad to me.  I can sneak him java from the local coffee shop, but I can't set him free.

The place makes me unstable, and I do not spend all day every day here.  And I get paid to be here.  Imagine the devastating impact on the patients.

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