Sunday, March 6, 2016

Will this become a Career Emergency?

By chance I came across a report of an audit recently done at the hospital.  I knew something had happened because the brat who inhabits an office near mine got into trouble and blamed me.

The report was several pages of things that are wrong at the hospital as per this auditing firm.  Some of it is true and serious.  Some is ridiculous, such as doctors needing to sign more papers than they already do once a year that they have nothing that would interfere with practicing medicine, no conflicting interests, no mental issues, no physical issues, no financial issues.  On and on.

One issue grabbed me.  Emergency Preparedness beyond 96 hours of an external disaster.  Of course the hospital can't support itself if cut-off from the outside world for more than a few days.  If the rest of the world is ending, then the hospital has no chance.



I don't even know what this is.  I wasn't told.  I picked up a copy of this report that someone left lying around.

This could tie into my appointment as Responder to Emergencies.  There is not necessarily a logical connection, especially in this place, but this could be part of a cascade of events that will not end well for me.


  1. Take a leaf from the Witches book of "responsibility". Write a document that dictates what you will do in a catastrophe. 1) Divert office phone to answering service. 2) Pick up coat and bag. 3) Lock office door on the way out. 4) Go home and take the phone off the hook. Extra points if there is a supervisors signature at the bottom of the page. Print it in a small font, and display it on top of a high filing cabinet.

    There will then be a published policy that solves any problem just as effectively as them having you to blame, but without the tiresome bit of having to be there to be shouted at.

    We have lots of policies around our office, but they are all either nonsense or pointless. As long as someone has written and displayed the document, compliance has been met - the actual content is entirely irrelevant. All the mandatory warning signs in the workshop appear to be in Arabic, and I doubt there are more than two people in the building who can read them. I suspect that this legislation was lobbied for in Parliament by picture frame manufacturers.

    1. Witches Book of Responsibility.
      I like it.
      Policy is whatever the complaining party says it is.