Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Baby on the Way

Guess who is (finally) pregnant!  Dina.

She is the vulgar woman who went after me because her husband wants me.  She characterized the situation as my wanting him.

Anyway, in the last several months, the husband has approached me to resume our relationship, which we never had, claiming that his marriage was over.

Dina was actively seeking fertility boosts last year.  Then I overheard Dina crying on the phone about having to pay rent after she moved out and I saw her openly flirting with several male coworkers at the hospital.

Now the buzz around the hospital is: Who is the father?

Bets are not on the husband.  His first wife had a baby on her own after their marriage ended.  Dina's pregnancy is calculated to have occurred after their split.

I don't like to rely on rumors.  Dina answered the phone when I called a ward, so I congratulated her.  She sang, "Thank you," and added, "The whole hospital is talking about me."

I don't understand how they show their faces day after day.  They are probably unemployable elsewhere.

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