Monday, April 25, 2016

Whatever Makes You Happy

The enceinte Dina and I had a little chat.

[To refresh the readers' memories, Dina is the one who went after me because her husband wanted me.  Now Dina is pregnant with another man's child and she is scrambling to get a divorce before the baby's arrival.]

When you work among enemies, you become lonely.  I've had to train myself to not open up to anyone.  Anything I say gets twisted around and it's just not worth it.

I banked on Dina feeling lonely and wanting to chat a little about her expectant bun in the oven.  I don't know if she is being cautious, but she did not seem enthused.

"I can't believe how big I am," she moaned.  "Already six months and I've gained ten pounds.  I can't imagine getting any bigger.  Some of my clothes don't fit right."

For the record, she should have gained more than ten pounds by the end of the second trimester.

She said that she tried for two years to get pregnant by her husband, and then as soon as she was with someone else, "instant pregnancy."

As for her husband, she had this to say:
"He changed once we got married.  He became suspicious, accusing me of having affairs with men at work.  He was always with me, so he knows that I never met up with any of these guys.  I offered to quit, to change my shift, be reassigned to a different area of the hospital, but he said no.  I just couldn't take it anymore."

I praised her.  "People are jealous of you.  You were in a bad relationship, you wanted to have a baby, so you went for it.  Most people would not make such bold moves but instead would languish in an unhappy relationship just to say that they are married and making it work."

I'm not surprised that this marriage failed and that she didn't see it coming.  The husband is stupid yet confident in his beliefs.  Last week, he kept calling out to me when I was on a ward.  I ignored him.  If he wants me, he can come to me, but I would prefer that he ignore me forever.  I don't go running like a dog when he calls me.  Finally he intercepted me.  "You dyed your hair.  I like it."

"I didn't," I answered and kept walking.

He smiled, winked, and said, "Yeah, you did.  It's darker.  I like it."

I left.  His opinion of my hair is irrelevant and not welcome.  He dismissed my correction because he had already decided that I dyed my hair and wanted to hear his compliment.

These are the clues that Dina missed.  He is always correct, period, end of story.

The hospital is saying bad things about this couple, but there is a tide of sympathy aimed at the husband.  "We warned him about her."  He's no prize himself and played a vital role in the ruination of their marriage.

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