Friday, May 27, 2016

Holiday Schedule

Today worked out better than past Fridays before Memorial Day Monday.  Federal holidays on a Monday prompt a flurry of call-outs on the Friday before the weekend.

This does not make sense, at least not to me, in the nursing world because the usual work week is not Monday through Friday.  This is not a Three Day Weekend for any nurse or orderly at the hospital, so calling out on Friday does not make it a four-day weekend.

But the masses call out.  Technically this is not allowed, but there are no repercussions.

I prefer to have off myself, but not because I have travel plans.  (No money.)  The real reason is that I don't want to get pulled out of an office to work the floor with a nurse from Hell on a floor from Hell, which is where I usually end up.

My immediate supervisor scheduled herself off, so I could not be off.  Being the sole person to show up to cover multiple departments does not protect me from being reassigned to floor work.

On my way to work I envisioned being alone in the office without my supervisor and enjoying the peace.

She showed up to work anyway.  "Did you forget you have off?" I asked her. The day before I confirmed her day off with, "See you on Tuesday!  Enjoy your time off!"  She did not correct me yesterday.

Today, to explain her presence on her day off, a day that I could not take because she wanted off, she said, "I rescind."

I ended up not being pulled to work the floor, thank goodness.  But you see how she plays these games with the schedule?

Now to enjoy my weekend.

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