Sunday, May 15, 2016

Moving On

A nurse who left the hospital last year contacted me.  She is getting married and I am invited.  This will be the second wedding through my employment at this place.

What struck me about this nurse is that she was very knowledgeable and professional.  And most people hated her.  I could see that she gave up at a certain point in her years at the hospital.  Her work was well done, but she just could not be bothered with most of the employees.

She asked how I was getting on.

I told her that the place is still chaotic and the employees irresponsible.

She observed two issues:
1-  There is no room for advancement.
2-  Certain people run the place who are not formally in charge.  They treat others poorly or well depending on personal preferences and their mood in that moment.

Yes, that sums it up.

Her advice:
Stay there as long as needed to accomplish my goals, and then get out.  Nothing good and nothing better will come from this institution.

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